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Under Blankets

Texeler woolen underblanket from Texel

Our wool underblankets are designed to be placed under a normal blanket or sheet, providing extra warmth and comfort while sleeping.

The benefits of our Texeler woolen underblankets

Texeler wool is an excellent insulator and holds heat well, making it ideal for cold nights. In addition, wool is naturally breathable and absorbing for comfortable sleeping. Wool is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making it a desirable choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin.


Maintaining Texeler woolen underblankets is relatively easy. It's important to regularly air them out to reduce moisture and clean them. Most Texeler woolen underblankets can be hand washed or machine washed with a mild wool detergent.

What is the difference between a Texeler woolen underblanket and a Texeler woolen mattress topper?

An underblanket and a mattress topper are both bedding accessories that are placed on top of the mattress to provide extra comfort and support while sleeping. However, there are some differences between these two.

An underblanket, also known as a mattress protector, is usually a thick, padded layer that is placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet. The purpose of an underblanket is to protect the mattress from sweat, dust, and other dirt. It also provides extra warmth and comfort, especially in winter.

A mattress topper is a thinner layer that is placed on top of the mattress. The purpose of a mattress topper is to provide extra comfort and support, especially if the mattress is too firm or too soft. It can also help to reduce pressure points and improve sleep quality. A mattress topper can also be used to revive an old mattress, without having to buy a new one.

In summary, an underblanket primarily offers protection and warmth, while a mattress topper provides extra comfort and support for a better night's sleep.

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