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Texel Blankets

Texel Blankets

Texel Export is located on the island of Texel and is an official outlet of "Texeler" blankets and pillows. All blankets are made of high-quality sheep wool and are crafted with the utmost care.

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The unique Texel sheep

100% pure wool, matured by sun, sea, and wind

The beautiful island of Texel is a sunny and windy island with lovely summers and harsh winters. It is also the home of an exceptional breed of sheep: the Texel sheep. For centuries, this breed has provided us with beautiful Texel wool. It is a special product that highlights the power of nature. The official history of the current Texel sheep dates to the year 1909.

The island of Texel

All our wool comes from sheep on Texel, the largest Dutch Wadden island. This special island is located in the province of North Holland and is part of the "Wadden area," registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Texel is a true sheep island, with even more sheep than people!


Texeler combines pure wool with the latest and most advanced production techniques. The pure wool of the Texel sheep is famous for its warmth and ventilation. The lanolin (wool grease) ensures that the wool fibers are flexible and resilient. With the best machines and a unique felting system, Texeler produces products that allow you to experience the beautiful qualities of wool in your own bed every day.


Texeler combineert zuivere wol met de nieuwste en meest geavanceerde productietechnieken. De zuivere wol van het Texelse schaap is beroemd om zijn warmte en ventilatie.

De lanoline (wolvet) zorgt ervoor dat de wolvezels flexibel en veerkrachtig zijn. Met de allerbeste machines en een uniek vernadelingssysteem maken wij producten die u elke dag de mooie kwaliteiten van wol laten ervaren in uw eigen bed.

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International supplier of Texeler based on Texel

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