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From the island Texel

Texel is one of the five Wadden Islands in the north of the Netherlands and is located in the province of North Holland. It is the largest Wadden Island with an area of about 170 square kilometers. The island has approximately 13,000 inhabitants and is a popular holiday destination for both Dutch and foreign tourists.

Texel has a diverse landscape with dunes, beaches, forests, heathlands, and polders. The island is part of an important nature reserve with various protected plant and animal species. There are many opportunities to explore nature, such as hiking and cycling routes, excursions, and boat trips.

The unique Texeler sheep

Texel is a real sheep island. The island has more sheep than people!

You can imagine that we are very proud of our beautiful sheep, also called “Texelaars”. Texelaars are one of the largest sheep breeds in the world and are mainly known for their meat and wool. The official history of the current Texeler sheep dates to the year 1909. So, for centuries, the Texeler sheep has been producing beautiful wool. The wool of the Texeler sheep is known for its excellent quality and is widely used for clothing and blankets. The wool is soft and warm and has a natural resilience, making it ideal for insulation and comfort.

What makes Texeler wool so special?

What makes Texeler wool special is the quality and structure of the wool. The sheep on Texel graze on the salty and nutritious soil, resulting in high-quality wool. The wool is strong, resilient, and has a fine structure, making it ideal for clothing and blankets.

Moreover, the wool of the Texeler sheep is light in color and has a natural shine. The wool is also resistant to moisture and dirt, making it suitable for bedding.

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