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Sheepwool and down


Texel Export is a company based on Texel and supplier of the famous duvets from "Texeler" and "Waddendons".
The duvets are made from high quality sheepwool or down and are manufactured with the greatest care.


Sheepwool and down duvets

The Unique Texel sheep

100% Pure wool, matured by Sun, Sea and Wind. The Island Texel is a sunny and windy island with nice summers and harsh winters.

It is also home to an exceptional breed of sheep. The Texel sheep has been delivering beautiful wool for centuries. It's a special product in wich the power of nature proves it's value. The official history of the current Texel sheep dates back to the year 1909.

About Texel

Situated in the North of Holland lies the Island of Texel. Texel is Holland's largest island and is located in the UNESCO world heritage, "The Wadden Sea". Texel is a unique island and famous for it's pristine landscape and beautiful nature.


Texeler combines pure wool with the latest and most advanced production techniques. The pure wool from the Texel sheep is famous for its warmth and ventilation.

The lanolin (wool grease) keeps the wool fibers flexible and resilient. With the state of the art machinery and a unique needling system we make products that enable you to enjoy all the great qualities of wool everyday in your own bed.


“Waddendons” is the down selection of duvets from TexelWool, the specialist in sleeping comfort. In our factory we produce all natural, Duvet, Pillows and Futons.

Traditionally we work with the fine wool of the Texel Sheep. The Texel wool are known for their great ventilating and isolation properties. Down of the WaddenSea, has the same natural properties, just as warm and soft. However you even sleep lighter under a down duvet.

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International supplier on Texel of Texeler and Waddendons duvets.
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